What To Ask Before Taking Up Martial Arts

Having been established in the area for a long time, we are very passionate about running Martial Arts lessons in the best way possible. Below are the questions we feel are necessary to ask any establishment when considering starting your Martial Arts journey:

1. What are my or my child’s goals and objectives for starting martial arts?
To get tough? To defeat a bully? Maybe to gain confidence?
Correct Martial Arts will teach self discipline, which leads to increased self confidence, leading to better self control, therefore leading to self achievement- resulting in hitting goals!

2. What commitment am I willing to make?
Martial Arts is a dedicated and rewarding way of life. Are you willing to commit to regular training, to set goals and believe in yourself? Can you agree to the Code of Conduct of a Martial Arts school that has values and good moral grounding. There are many Martial Arts schools and clubs in operation today, but not all have the same values, often omitting any moral or philosophical basis underlying their instruction. No responsible Martial Arts teacher should train students without making certain that the students have the proper moral grounding to know when it is appropriate to use the training they are receiving.

3. What will I or my child learn?
Will I be learning mind, body and spiritual development in my programme? Will my curriculum be appropriate and easy to follow, whilst at the same time challenging? Will I receive regular feedback on my development and progress? Does the programme fulfill my needs in self defence, fitness, forms, weapons and sparring skills? How does it implement character building and self esteem development? Once I become a Black Belt does the school or club have a comprehensive curriculum to keep my interest going?

4. Who will be teaching me?

Being taught in any skill correctly is essential. Is the person you are considering being taught by accredited with teaching? Either with certification or by reputation? Have they been taught by well known Masters of the Martial Art world? Or is there some obscurity in finding out? Do they have a criminal past? Have they a professional and moral background with students and associates?

Certification needs to have credibility and value by a recognised authority or body. Ask to see the instructors qualifications and also the certification that you will receive once graded. Please remember that being a Black Belt doesn’t automatically make someone an Instructor.

5. What environment will I be taught in?

It’s worth considering the environment that you are considering training in. Does it have a first aid kit, qualification or policy in operation? Public liability insurance is also a necessity, along with CRB checks.

Gone are the days when people trained on dangerous floors. Many places have other distractions going on, such as other sports activities; remember, Martial Arts requires focus and attention to succeed.Is there enough safety mats? Is the equipment in good order? Are the instructors wearing the correct attire? Does the establishment have good figure heads from where their philosophies are directed from? Is good etiquette, modesty and common courtesy, evident with students and their associates?


We are so happy to be part of this school so professionally run yet has a feeling of home. The staff are so friendly and welcoming. Mr Parry is simply outstanding, he has a way of making you feel at home. Our daughter loves her time spent learning here in a safe and happily run school. This Academy we would highly recommend as 5 Star+ and are proud to say our daughter is a part of it.
Mr and Mrs Van-Eijk
For their daughter, Laila
We started Taekwondo for a sporting activity that we thought would benefit L-Jay in a positive way. We chose 5TMA on recommendation and the welcoming atmosphere. We like the interaction with others in lessons and our favourite thing is the learning and the fun element of training. There is good progress throughout the belts with fresh elements to learn each time. It has helped L-Jay build his confidence and his communication skills. We would recommend 5TMA to someone thinking about training because it’s not just about Taekwondo, the centre puts other events on throughout the year to promote a family atmosphere. There is outstanding commitment by the Instructors to deliver the best training possible.
Mr and Mrs Dent
For their son, L-Jay
I used to struggle with anxiety quite a lot at school and out. When I heard about Taekwondo in Brigg, I wasn’t sure about it, however I went and gave it a go. I was worried on my first couple of days but everyone is when they’re new. When I had a few days at Taekwondo I loved it and it turned out that it has helped me quite a lot; with confidence, strength and relaxation. Taekwondo for me is a getaway from all of the worries and stress I was going through. It’s not just about Self Defence, it’s about getting in your right set of mind and helping you to feel safe when walking about by yourself or at school if you are being bullied. It’s not just about fighting, it’s about feeling good! There are some really nice people at 5TMA, always looking out to help. The staff aren’t like teachers at school. They encourage you to push to your limits while helping through the way which boosted my confidence in school and out! I haven’t missed any more days off school, I try and do as many activities as I can and I am also much closer with my friends! I do sometimes have worries but everyone does at times, nevertheless I now have learnt how to get through it feeling good, feeling strong and feeling confident! Before Taekwondo I often let my anxiety get in the way, I would miss days of school, miss out on fun activities and even missing out on being with friends! But now I feel so much more relaxed and strong, and feeling confident!
Aged 12
I started Taekwondo because the first lesson that I watched looked really fun, a couple of weeks later I decided to try out a lesson for myself. My favourite thing about training is the patterns, and I like the challenge when I’m learning something new. I have made great progress so far and I have accomplished things that I never thought I would. I would recommend 5TMA as it has changed my life and have learnt a lot in a short amount of time.
Libby Palmer
Aged 12
Eoghan started Little Dragons aged 4 after seeing a demo from another school. The Academy was chosen due to attitudes towards respect and discipline. Also shift work made it hard to fit things in and there was a wide range of days and times to attend. I like that the lessons teach respect for others and yourself which is vital in today’s world. Taekwondo has helped Eoghan to build his confidence. He had been bullied at school, and coming to classes has helped him not to retaliate and get into fights, improving his self-control. I would recommend 5TMA to someone because enthusiastic staff work with students on all levels giving consistent advice and encouragement.
Tracy Martin
For her son, Eoghan

Schools, Workshops, Etc.

5TMA specialise in school presentations… Over the last 25 years we have been invited into numerous schools in the North Lincolnshire area. Our school talks and presentations do not emphasise the physical side of Martial Arts such as punching, strikes and kicks; but the importance of:

  • Respect
  • Confidence Building
  • Self Discipline

We know the importance of “Mind, Body and Spirit Training” as this is included in our curriculum at our professional Academy. In fact, all our children are encouraged to earn a special merit badge by being an excellent pupil at their regular school. Our presentations can be for the classroom or a whole school assembly, and work in conjunction with the schools philosophies and policies at all times. We also offer interactive workshops for our local schools. If you would like to book a FREE school talk/presentation or to receive more information please contact us on 01652 650509.

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