Martial Arts for Children Aged 7+

We started Taekwondo for a sporting activity that we thought would benefit L-Jay in a positive way. We chose 5TMA on recommendation and the welcoming atmosphere. We like the interaction with others in lessons and our favourite thing is the learning and the fun element of training. There is good progress throughout the belts with fresh elements to learn each time. It has helped L-Jay build his confidence and his communication skills. We would recommend 5TMA to someone thinking about training because it’s not just about Taekwondo, the centre puts other events on throughout the year to promote a family atmosphere. There is outstanding commitment by the Instructors to deliver the best training possible.
Mr and Mrs Dent
For their son, L-Jay
We understand how important each child’s personal development is, which is why everyone is treated individually, and are helped  by our caring and inspiring Instruction Team. 
We work closely with parents, guardians and teachers to develop:

– A boost of confidence which overflows into other areas of their life

– Increased self control (saying no to peer-pressure!)

– Better focus during home and school activities

– Further respect for themselves, family members and others

– An increase in fitness and co-ordination

– Self discipline, to learn and achieve more

– Star reward system, working with Parents and Teachers to improve behavior at Home and School


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