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Eoghan started Little Dragons aged 4 after seeing a demo from another school. The Academy was chosen due to attitudes towards respect and discipline. Also shift work made it hard to fit things in and there was a wide range of days and times to attend. I like that the lessons teach respect for others and yourself which is vital in today’s world. Taekwondo has helped Eoghan to build his confidence. He had been bullied at school, and coming to classes has helped him not to retaliate and get into fights, improving his self-control. I would recommend 5TMA to someone because enthusiastic staff work with students on all levels giving consistent advice and encouragement.
Tracy Martin
For her son, Eoghan

Values and Benefits For Teenagers and Adults

Our classes operate in a positive and enthusiastic environment, incorporating:


– Improved health, weight control and toning.

– Essential skills in self defence and awareness.

– Greater flexibility and co-ordination.

– A positive outlook on life, with goals set, and plans made.

– Enjoyable classes and easy to follow curriculum.

– Invaluable philosophy to develop “I can” attitude.

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